When performance is everything,
Cloud technology is key.

With the power of cutting-edge Cloud solutions,
beSharp Performance Technology is born to face the most demanding challenges,
delivering results that allow change-makers to gain insights faster,
lean in on specifics and optimize performance down to the smallest detail.

Why we do IT.


We love challenges. Since we were kids, we’ve always been the guys with wrench and welder in their hands, tring to fix something, or making it run faster, doesn’t matter if it was a friend’s PC or an old moped.

We grew up with the obsession of continuous improvement: if technology was our passion, then performance is our addiction.

Where we come from…

We make IT run.
Now even faster.

We’ve been pioneers of Cloud Computing, having first started utilizing it when it was slightly more than a geeky thing. For some tech-heads like us, logging into the AWS console always feels like entering a virtually infinite workshop, where you can experiment as much as you like with new things.

But the Cloud is much more than a new technology: it’s a way of seeing things in a different way, that enables innovators to create something that before was just impossible.

… and where we want to go.


Even if now Cloud has become the new normal, only a few could say to have exploited its potential to the limits. But, in certain situations, strict requirements could swiftly transform an easy-looking project into a huge amount of demanding R&D activities. Only a team of Cloud Experts can lead you to face those challenges, and get you lighting-fast to the finish line.

beSharp Performance Technology was born to it: to push Cloud architectures where no one has gone before, to achieve results that have never been reached.

The Challenges

Thinking next-gen
Cloud Architectures



V i c t o r i e s

Karting Cloud Telemetry

What happens when the best Cloud technologies meet the motorsport in a series where gaps are measured in milliseconds? We are bringing karting to the next level.

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Challenge us!

What’s the thing that keeps you up at night, and makes you get up early in the morning?
What’s the goal that everyone says it’s impossible, that will show you supremacy over your competitors?
What’s the next challenge that will move you forward?
Let’s face it together, we’ll take you to the finish line.


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